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Welcome to Areca Valley Stay.
Welcome to Areca Valley Stay

Areca Valley stay is situated just 15 km away from Sirsi town. Its silence is broken only by birds chirping and an occasional murmur of cicadas springing out of the grounds during the monsoon. Surrounded by tall areca (supari) palms on the one side and rolling forests on the other, its green, green and green every where,all through the year.The areca plantations are the  prime examples of 3d agriculture. While the tall supari palms are draped with pepper vines. The under-story consists of Banana, cocoa, papaya, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and the cardamom plants. It is a veritable boutique of spices.

The adjoining forests are also full of naturally grown sandalwood, jackfruits, mango, soapnut and garcinia trees along with a number of medicinal and aromatic plants. this incredible variety in vegetation types gives rise to an astonishing for diversity of bird and mammals.

About Areca Valley Tourist Attractions Accommodation
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Guest Feedback
"Lovely place, Aunty & Uncle are very caring and loving. We came here for our first wedding aniversary & can never forget this experience."- Akila Prashanth
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